Our Hospice Project

Along the streets of Kolkata are many neglected people who urgently need basic medical treatment.

In 2013, Amar, in KBF, received 500Rs from a supporter within ‘Friends of KBF’, in order to buy gloves and face masks, so he could take some of these people to government hospitals.

The majority of people within Kolkata rely on government hospitals, however the hospitals lack the facilities and funds to meet all of this need. The people who cannot afford the care are therefore left outside wards and do not receive treatment, food or medication.

In order to care for these vulnerable people, KBF opened the hospice in 2015. With permission from the patient and hospital staff, KBF began taking people whose needs they could meet, to the hospice. Within the hospice every person gets a bed or mattress, four meals a day, dedicated staff to care for them and opportunities to exercise, all within a cool, clean site.

The aims of the hospice are to provide a comfortable, clean place with well-trained staff to help people to recover. KBF now take care of around twenty patients, by eight full time staff and a part time doctor.

The hospice itself has recently moved premises to a two storey building with some outside space. We are excited to see these facilities being used to their full potential.