Our Red Light District Project

Kolkata’s Red Light District is home to about 11000 workers and hundreds of children grow up here. This is their home. Many children will grow up to work here, some girls as young as thirteen.

This area can be very dangerous and occasionally women are murdered while working the streets.

KBF seeks to build up trust and friendship with vulnerable women working in the area, as well as the children, so that we can further serve the community in a way that is helpful to them. Every week, KBF run a kids’ club for the children. Here they can play games, have a snack, hear a story and sing songs. Over thirty children attend every week.

Following our KBF kids’ club, Amar and his staff from KBF walk along the main streets of the red light district, handing out sweets and chatting to the women.

Over the years great friendships have been established and we hope to continue to be able to support the vulnerable people within the area.