Our Mission

To stand alongside, support and provide resources for Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation – a charity helping to provide education, opportunities and care for some of the most vulnerable people in Kolkata, India.

Our Projects


Providing education for children living in and around the slums

Care Home Appeal

Thanks to the dedicated staff at the KBF Hospice, many people have recovered and have chosen to stay on.

….So, we have decided to stop calling it a Hospice and refer to it as a Care Home. To find out more, click here. Or to donate, visit our appeal page.

Childrens Clubs

Running clubs and fun activities for children living in poverty

About Us

Friends of KBF raises funds to support some of the poorest people in Kolkata through the work of Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation.

Projects include a school, a hospice and children’s clubs.

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You can donate money to Friends of KBF to help us in our mission of providing support and resources to Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation.

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