Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation currently runs four  projects within Kolkata.

A School

Originally started in 2006 as a school for children living within the slums of Topsia, India. Many of these children would not get access to education otherwise, therefore the dedicated and compassionate staff of the KBF school work with these children in order to improve their English, Bengali and Hindi speaking and writing, in order that children may get in to formal schools.

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A Special Needs School 

KBF runs classes supporting children with physical disabilities and special needs, who otherwise wouldn’t get any education as there is no school for children with special needs within Kolkata.

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A Hospice 

Government hospitals struggle to meet the needs of all of Kolkata’s booming population and this can mean that some people’s basic care can become neglected, therefore endangering individual’s lives. The KBF hospice is able to take in some of these people who have physical disabilities, in order to provide them food, clean beds, any required medication, weekly doctor check ups and a space to exercise in order to get stronger. 

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Children’s Clubs 

The red light district makes up a large area within Kolkata, and many children live in the middle of it, due to their mothers working for pimps. Every Thursday afternoon, KBF run a kids club for children age ranging from 4 to 14 to sing songs together, hear a story, and play games together. These children grow up in a world where women are treated like property, and we think it is vital to build a relationship of trust with these children so that they have people they can turn to in difficult times and have the chance to be children in a very adult world.

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Sponsor a Child

 To find out more about how you can support Friends of KBF by sponsoring a child for just £12 a month click here