Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation currently runs four  projects within Kolkata.

A School

Originally started in 2006 as a school for children living in one of the slums in Kolkata. Without this project, many of these children would not have access to an education. At the school project, they learn English and Bengali to a level where they can be entered into the local formal schools. They are then supported throughout their time in school, returning daily for support with their studies, extra lessons and a nutritious snack!

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A Special Needs School 

Within the school project, KBF runs a class for children with physical and learning disabilities. Known as the “Special Stars” class, these children can interact with each other, learn and receive physiotherapy at the project. Without this facility, they may have to stay at home each day with little stimulation, but here they are thriving!

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A Hospice 

The vast population in Kolkata can mean that hospitals struggle to cope with the level of need. Families may also struggle to care for sick relatives due to poverty. As a result, some people find themselves with no one to look after them. The hospice project seeks to provide a home for some of these people. Here they receive food, shelter and basic medical care. They are cared for within the KBF family until they recover or are allowed to die with dignity.

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Children’s Clubs 

KBF runs children’s clubs at the school project, in the red light district and on the roadside. Children who may otherwise be working to earn money for their families, can come to these clubs to play games, sing songs, hear stories and have fun! 

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Sponsor a Child

 To find out more about how you can support Friends of KBF by sponsoring a child for just £12 a month click here

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