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We’ve built a new Care Home!!

Care Home Project

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our donors and supporters, we are pleased to announce that we now have a new completed KBF Care Home!. THANK YOU !!

Kolkata post – Covid

As the severity of the Covid crisis begins to subside, India is now opening up and getting back to some degree of normality. Some of the businesses which used to provide work for people have not survived the pandemic and have had to close, but KBF has continued to support the local area in a variety of ways. 

KBF School

KBF staff have now received at least one vaccination, Government schools are still operating remotely, KBF continues to bring the curriculum in person to the children who don’t have access to technology. Education in KBF school continues after introducing social distancing measures with teachers and children wearing facemasks. 

Some of the children have stopped coming to school for periods or for good and the pandemic has resulted in some families moving out of the city. 

Also very challenging is that some older children have to step up and take care of their families. These children are being encouraged to balance the needs of their loved ones whilst still trying to attend school and continue their education. 

Thank You! Cathy x

Our Mission

To stand alongside, support and provide resources for Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation – a charity helping to provide education, opportunities and care for some of the most vulnerable people in Kolkata, India.

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