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To all Friends of KBF

We hope that you and your families are all safe and well at this unprecedented time. This is a challenging time for all of us and we wanted to update you on the situation at KBF.

India too is in lockdown due to the threat of coronavirus, and anyone that knows anything about India will be aware that “social distancing” will be almost impossible. In Kolkata, there is a curfew of 11am in place, so, people can move around to get supplies etc., up to this point, and then must be inside.

We are in touch with our friends in Kolkata, sending them messages of support at this difficult time. If you are able, we would appreciate you joining with us to think about all the people in India, be aware of the situations at KBF as below and support us financially if you can.

For Schools,

We are hoping that the children will stay safe whilst the schools are closed and they are away from the projects, and that they will be able to return when everything reopens.

For the Hospice

The hospice is very full, the doctor is still attending as are some volunteers, so we hope that the workers will be kept safe, the hospice will be protected, and that coronavirus would not be allowed in!

For Amar, his family and for all the families connected to KBF

Due to the lockdown, Amar is away from his wife and family at the moment, we trust that he, his family and all the other children and patients, will stay healthy at this time. Many of the families will not now be earning money and will be struggling to buy food.

There is a very real risk that many of India’s poor will die from starvation before they die from coronavirus.

To support our friends at KBF, we are collecting money to send in order to help some of the poorest families connected to the projects.

This will be to buy food and supplies for those who are struggling due to loss of income. We have already sent £500 and are aiming to raise a further £500. So far £150 of this has been raised….


We understand that many people in the UK are also struggling financially at this time, but if you would like to donate something to support these families, please see the details below. Every gift will be very much appreciated!

Please use this link:

Please state APPEAL as your reference.

Thank you so much! Cathy x

Our Mission

To stand alongside, support and provide resources for Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation – a charity helping to provide education, opportunities and care for some of the most vulnerable people in Kolkata, India.