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To all Friends of KBF – Please can you help?

It has been an eventful few months since lockdown began and we are so grateful to you guys for supporting KBF financially.

Lifting lockdown

As some of you may be aware from watching the news, lockdown in India is being lifted. Covid cases continue to rise, but people are able to go back to work in order to feed their families. We hope that those in authority will show wisdom and that the poorest of the poor will feel protected.

For KBF, this means preparing to return to some of its more usual activities but with adaptations in place. On 10th June, the teachers and Amar held a meeting to discuss ways in which the KBF school can operate and what measures will be put in place. Home visits are due to happen first to make contact with all the families and the school will likely open in July, but with smaller numbers. we hope that all the team are inspired with creativity in finding ways for moving forward safely!

In terms of the hospice, at present everyone remains well, including the doctor who is diabetic. However, Amar is regularly being asked to take more patients, which would obviously put everyone else at risk. We hope that leaders and carers can all work together in the health service in Kolkata, which is massively struggling under the strain of Covid.

Provision for the poorest of the poor

Throughout lockdown KBF has been feeding some of the poorest people in Kolkata. Thank you for your incredible generosity. As a result, not only were people from the slum near the project fed, but also those in the red light district. In addition, there were also meals distributed in 2 other slums!! A little really did go a long way!

You may also remember that I told you about Cyclone Amphan which hit Kolkata on 20th May. Lives were lost and a lot of property left damaged. The slum area was particularly hard hit and since the last update was sent out, individual circumstances of those connected to KBF have been coming to light.

Amar and his team were posed a dilemma. All of the slum had sustained damage but that entails around 200 homes! In order to help as many people as possible, Amar came up with the idea to distribute tarpaulins to at least provide weather proofing for these homes.

Given that people were returning to work and emergency food provision was no longer required, lockdown appeal funds could be utilised! Subsequently, this is exactly what has happened. Those tarpaulins have now been distributed to 200 households! Essential now that the rainy season has begun.

Cyclone Repairs Appeal

Some families of children who attend the KBF school have suffered particularly bad damage to their homes. Given that these families are so poor and would struggle to pay for materials for more permanent repairs, KBF would like to be able to help.

There are 5 homes of KBF families affected including those of sponsored children Karan and Roshni, who have attended the project since it began.

Amar has found someone who has agreed to oversee the work for a modest fee and obtained an estimate for materials. Local people will be getting involved to make the work happen.

We would like to raise £1,500 to contribute to these repairs

We appreciate that many of you have donated generously already, but if you would like to give, we have an appeal page. Please spread the word and the link below if you can: fund
Thank You! Cathy x
…..And finally!

We are planning to hold a Friends of KBF online “event” on Saturday 11th July from 4pm until 5pm. Details to follow nearer the time, but please add the date to your diaries. For the first time ever, we are holding a supporters’ event that you can attend from anywhere in the world!

Our Mission

To stand alongside, support and provide resources for Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation – a charity helping to provide education, opportunities and care for some of the most vulnerable people in Kolkata, India.