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2023 News from the Care Home and the School

KBF Care Home

Thanks to the continued generosity of our donors and supporters, the care home has continued to develop providing a comfortable place to live for those people who may otherwise have died or not been cared for.

We had a vision of a place with a garden where residents could grow their own fruits and vegetables and enjoy beautiful Indian weather. The fantastic location of the home across the lake could not have better fulfilled this brief. The residents say that they are very happy there and could not dream about a better home. We are happy that they are also accepted by the local villages and are now part of the community. 

We would like to tell you about Obi. – One day Obi went for a walk with his friends. He did not come back. His mother thought he was dead.  Amar found Obi near the canal next to the slum. He was all covered in dirt. He suffered from addiction and mental health problems. It took him some time to recover and regain his memory; Amar is laughing because he remembers that he ate a lot when he first joined the KBF family!.

After some time at KBF, he remembered his home address. Amar visited the address and told his mother that her son was alive. She was very distressed and asked Amar not to torment her; she said her son was dead. Amar returned the next day and showed her Obi’s pictures. 

The son and mother reunited after approximately three years of separation. The last time Amar saw them, they lived together and planned to open a tea shop!. .We can only imagine the happiness of a mother who thought she had lost her son forever!. 

News from the KBF School

Our first initiative, the KBF school project, continues to support children’s education. – We are encouraged to see the projects continuing and the effects of the hardworking team, including teachers and a physiotherapist.

Here is a picture of the physio working with the children in the “Special Stars” class. He has been working with the children and Care Home residents for the last few years and we are so grateful for his expert support.

We have seen the children’s physical development improve due to his regular input, and the parents are so grateful for this. One mother recently came to thank Amar as her child has learned to walk as a direct result of his help. He is known by everyone as a very kind man, and we are very blessed to have him!

One of the boys from the Special Stars class has started to attend one of the government schools. – Without the work of KBF, he would probably not be attending any school, but with ongoing support from the project, he is now benefitting from a mainstream education.

This will hopefully open further doors for him in the future. Another of the older girls from this class is helping at the Care Home and coming into her own

New School year. – In India, the school year starts in January. This year, 3 new children were admitted to government schools for formal education. As always, they will continue to attend KBF each day to be supported in their studies, receive a nutritious snack and to take part in after school clubs. At the start of each year, KBF provides a new uniform, school bag, shoes and books for all the children who attend government school. This photo shows some of these kits.

Thank You, again!
Cathy and all the trustees x

Our Mission

To stand alongside, support and provide resources for Kolkata Bhalobashi Foundation – a charity helping to provide education, opportunities and care for some of the most vulnerable people in Kolkata, India.

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