Children’s Clubs

Growing up in poverty presents a number of challenges and responsibilities to children, many have to work from a very young age in order to help support their families, many will have to work rather than attend school.

Some children live on the streets without even basic shelter and may have to beg in order to survive.

Some children live in the red light district where their mothers work and may grow up to become sex workers themselves.

Some girls will already be working from around the age of 13.

In short, some children live in a very adult world where they have to grow up fast.

KBF runs children’s clubs in the red light district, on the roadside for children who are homeless and on a Saturday in the school building. At these clubs, children get to hear stories, learn songs and play games. They can socialise with others of their own age and just be children! The clubs prove to be very popular with Saturday club alone regularly catering for nearly 200 children!

Sponsor a Child

 To find out more about how you can support Friends of KBF by sponsoring a child for just £12 a month click here

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