Families living in and around the slum areas are keen for their children to receive a good education. However due to their circumstances, they are not always able to provide the means for this.

The cost of uniforms, books and admission fees may be more than they can afford. In addition, for children to be accepted into formal government schools, they must be able to demonstrate some basic literacy, which is a challenge, as many of their parents cannot read or write.

Therefore, many children do not get accepted into school and cannot get a proper education.

KBF believe that all children have the right to education and in 2006 they began a school for these children within the slums. Dedicated and compassionate staff work with the children to improve their literacy, and since starting, a significant number of children have been accepted and admitted into formal government schools, with the ongoing cost of fees, books and uniform being provided by KBF.

These children now have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and pursue new ambitions.
For those children who are admitted into formal schools, the relationship with KBF continues, as they come back to the project to enjoy food and help with their homework. Some of the older children also take part in after school craft and English clubs. These have proved very popular. The aim is to begin to equip children with skills for future employment. KBF’s founder, Amar, along with the other school staff seek to maintain good relationships with all of the families by regularly visiting the children in their homes.

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